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How To Integrate Facebook With WordPress

Posted in How to .. by quyan213 on September 28, 2009
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Facebook is one of those Web phenomena that impress everyone with numbers. To cite some: about 250 million users are on Facebook, and together they spend more than 5 billion minutes on Facebook… every day. These numbers suggest that we should start thinking about how to use Facebook for blogging or vice versa.

We did some research to find out how the integration of Facebook with WordPress and vice versa works, or — in other words — how you can present your WordPress blog on Facebook or use the functionality of Facebook on your WordPress-powered blog. Both of these can be achieved with a set of WordPress plug-ins, a couple of which we’ll present here in detail.


Enhancing User Interaction With First Person User Interface

Posted in User Interface by quyan213 on September 28, 2009
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Though many computer applications and operating systems make use of real-world metaphors like the desktop, most software interface design has little to do with how we actually experience the real world. In lots of cases, there are great reasons not to directly mimic reality. Not doing so allows us to create interfaces that enable people to be more productive, communicate in new ways, or manage an increasing amount of information. In other words, to do things we can’t otherwise do in real life.

But sometimes, it makes sense to think of the real world as an interface. To design user interactions that make use of how people actually see the world -to take advantage of first person user interfaces.

First person user interfaces can be a good fit for applications that allow people to navigate the real world, “augment” their immediate surroundings with relevant information, and interact with objects or people directly around them.
Navigating the Real World

The widespread integration of location detection technologies (like GPS and cell tower triangulation) has made mobile applications that know where you are commonplace. Location-aware applications can help you find nearby friends or discover someplace good to eat by pinpointing you on a map.

Creating Tabs with Axure RP 5

Posted in Prototypes by quyan213 on August 28, 2009
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Axure RP is one of the best tools there is for quick prototyping. With Axure you can easily wireframe all your concept pages and with a click of a button allow the application to generate a requirements document for you, how sweet is that?!

Unfortunately, one key component for any page nowadays is the use of Tabs, which is not a Widget that can easily be dragged and drop on today’s version of Axure.