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How to make “Upload Images” for album photos works in Drupal

Posted in How to .. by quyan213 on December 15, 2009
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Please follow the step-by-step upgrade instructions at the end of this post, it is import to do it that way because the module has the same name but a different folder structure..

Current Features
– Flash 10 Support (tested with 10,0,12,36)
– One button to select the images, uploading does start automatically
– Display of the queued images, successfully uploaded images disappear from the queue after a few seconds
– Live-Preview of uploaded photos, each photo is linked to its site and below a link to the album is displayed
– Upload-Errors are displayed if it is a “user-error” like illegal filetype, size, zip files and so on..
– More detailed errors are logged with watchdog
– Flash upload is possible at /photos/upload and /node/-id-/photos (if node is an album or a node type which allows photo uploads)
– Link to the classic upload script and back…
– Flash detection, should display an errors when loading of flash fails (not sure how good this works… )
– Errors, Queue and Preview are displayed as collapsible form fieldsets…
– general.pot and german translation

– (technical) refactored the upload function into multiple methods
– (technical) removed the upload_node function, as it is not needed anymore

Not yet working stuff
– flash upload at edit node / create node forms
– Cancel queue function ( is there actually any need for this ? )
– configuring the look of the upload button

Upgrade instructions
1. Disable phtos_swfu at /admin/build/modules
2. Delete, photos_swfu.module and the directory v102demo
3. Upload the folder photos_swfu from the attachment into sites/all/modules/photos
4. Re-enable photos_swfu module
5. (Probably not necessary but to be sure… ) clear the cache at /admin/settings/performance